Warthog are one of the more interesting species of plains game hunted by Mkhamba Safaris. Their body is grey in colour and covered with sparse, coarse bristles. They also have a crest of long bristles on their upper back and neck. They have short legs and elongated heads. On the sides of the head they have their characteristic warts. Their teeth grow out sideways, curling upwards and forming tusks.


Males have an average shoulder height of around 70cm, and weigh up to 105kg (231lb)


They are found in open grassland, floodplains, and lightly wooded grasslands. They generally rest up at night in burrows underground, and are found grazing and wallowing in waterholes during the day. They will drink water, but are not dependant on open water. They occur in sounders of family groups, and solitary males are commonly found.

The Hunt

The best way to hunt these creatures is to have a good knowledge of their habitat, and where their favourite feeding grounds are. They also like to make use of a good mud wallow. They feed throughout the day, except when it is very hot, when they will wallow or lie in the shade. Warthogs do not have very good eyesight but compensate for this with good hearing and sense of smell. Glassing (studying an area with binoculars) the open plains with binoculars, is the best way to spot them.

These animals are really great eating. The meat is considered to be "white" meat, like pork, but without the fat.

Minimum Calibre Required

A big old boar can take a lot of punishment. In our opinion a 270 Win with good bullets will suffice.

Minimum Requirements For :

S.C.I. is 30 inchesRoland Ward is 13 inches

Cites Restrictions

There are NO cites restrictions on the hunting of Warthog.

Warthog (Phacochoerus aethiopicus) can be hunted in the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa. There are hunting packages available from Mkhamba Safaris which include Warthog hunting opportunities.