Red Hartebeest

Red Hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus) is hunted in the KwaZulu-Natalprovince of South Africa.There are hunting packages available from Mkhamba Safaris which include RedHartebeest hunting opportunities.


These animals are one of the medium to big sized antelope hunted in SouthAfrica. The colour varies from region to region, from reddish brown to yellowishfawn, with a darker colour on the back broadening towards the tail. Theyhave an elongated head, with the horns mounted on a pedicle on top of the head.The horns grow upward extending outwards then closing again, forming a bell orheart shape, before turning, and extending backwards. Both males and femaleshave horns. The horns of the males are generally a lot thicker and heavier thanthose of the females.


The males have an average height of 1.25m, and weigh in the region of 150kg.


These antelope are associated with open grasslands and sparse woodlands. Theyoccur in herds of around 20 animals, which do join up with other herds to formgroups of up to 300 animals, during certain stages. Males are territorial andfiercely defend their herd from other males. Female herds usually always have aherd male with them. Bachelor herds are made up of males of all ages. Males arealso known to be solitary. When frightened or disturbed they usually bound offin a gallop and can reach a considerable speed when running.

The Hunt

They are best hunted in the early morning and late afternoon when they aremost active. Glassing (studying an area using binoculars) an area for solitarymales and planning a stalk  is normally rewarding. A good knowledge oftheir habitat, and feeding and drinking habits, is also beneficial when huntingthese amazing animals.

Minimum Caliber Rifle Required

Due to the habitat these animals live in, a flatter shooting caliber in ascoped rifle is necessary. A 270 caliber using good bullets is adequate whenhunting this animal. Avoid using light bullets.

Minimum Requirements for:

S.C.I. - 62 inches

Roland Ward - 23 inches

Cites Restrictions

There are NO Cites restrictions on hunting Red Hartebeest.