Professional Hunter - South Africa

Professional Hunter (P.H.) is the term given to a person in South Africa who has attended a Professional Hunting school and completed a comprehensive training course. The syllabus followed at these private institutions is prescribed by the local nature conservation agencies, and covers all aspects of trophy hunting in a variety of subjects. Graeme Geldart, from Mkhamba Safaris is a licensed P.H. and Hunting Outfitter in the South African provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and the Northern Cape. Contact Him


At the end of the course the candidate then takes written and practical exams. If the candidate passes he/she is issued a certificate as a P.H.. They are then licensed to hunt in the province of South Africa the hunting school is based in.


In order to become licensed in other provinces the P.H. then has to write and pass exams on the legal issues as laid down by the conservation agencies from each province.

NB: A person who is participating in his/her first African hunting safari need to make sure that the operator they are dealing with is licensed to hunt in the province where the hunt is to take place. Just ask for the hunters licence number for the province. Checks can be done through the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) Licences are issued for a set amount of time, and are renewable.

The Professional Hunter

The P.H. is the person who physically conducts the hunt. He/she may work for a hunting outfitter, or they may be a registered P.H. and Outfitter.


  • The PH is in charge of the hunting camp
  • The PH is in charge of the welfare of the client whilst the client is in the hunting camp.
  • The PH is in charge of the clients safety for the duration of the hunt in the hunting camp or whilst physically hunting.
  • The PH ensures that all hunting is carried out within legal parameters.
  • The PH is responsible for ensuring that all necessary permits, licences and any other documentation, is in order before the hunt begins.
  • The PH is in charge of the skinning and correct handling of the trophies.
  • The PH at times provides transport on the hunting trip.


  • Recruit clients, he/she works for an outfitter who is licensed to recruit and offer hunting services to a client.
  • Receive remuneration for the services given from the client. The hunting outfitter is paid directly by the client, and then the outfitter pays the PH.

NB: If the P.H. is also a registered hunting outfitter, the above-mentioned facts obviously change.