The Nyala is a spiral horned, medium sized antelope. The bulls have long, dark, shaggy coats with white stripes running vertically on them. The females are reddish fawn in colour and also have the vertical white stripes. Only the males have horns.


The males reach a shoulder height of up to 1.1 metre and can weigh up to 130kg (286lb).


They occur in small family groups, but have been known to form transient herds of up to 30 animals. Their habitat is dry savanna woodland or in areas where there is a mosaic of open ground and thickets of wooded areas.

The Hunt

Like their cousins the Kudu, they are best hunted in the early mornings and late afternoon. The best way to hunt them is to glass (study an area using binoculars) the area for herds, then initiating the stalk once they have been located.

Minimum Calibre Rifle Required

The lightest calibre that I would use to hunt this animal is a .270 Winchester. Personally I would prefer something a little heavier than this, for use.

Minimum Requirements for:

S.C.I. - 63 inchesRoland Ward - 27 inches

Cites Restrictions

There are NO Cites restrictions on hunting Nyala.

These antelope are hunted in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. There are hunting packages available from Mkhamba Safaris which include Nyala (Tragelaphus angasii) hunting opportunities.