Hunting South Africa

Hunting South Africa with Mkhamba Safaris will be your ultimate South African hunting safari experience. Contact Us Hunting in South Africa is a unique African outdoors experience. South Africa has become the most popular hunting destination in Africa. It has the greatest variety of animal species available for hunting purposes, in any one country in Africa.

Hunting areas are many and diverse. They are available in controlled hunting areas on some provincial game reserves, as well as on private game ranches. The number of game on privately owned land is an estimated two and a half times more than the game on publicly owned (provincial or government) land, and is increasing.

The Hunting Season

The hunting season in South Africa is dependant on the weather and the area of the hunt. For more information, Click Here

Home Base

Mkhamba Safaris has its home base in KwaZulu-Natal One of the nine provinces of South Africa. Literally translated KwaZulu means the ‘home of the Zulus', majestic mountains, rolling hills, thick thorn bush, and vegetative dunes and coastlands make up this province.

Although our home base is in KwaZulu-Natal, we also conduct hunts in the Northern Cape Province, incorporating parts of the Kalahari Desert.

Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

The sustainable use of our natural resources in South africa has led to the development of approximately 9000 privately owned game farms covering around 17 million hectares of land. As a form of tourism, hunting is an enormous contributor to South Africas economy, and has helped to make inroads into job creation.

The Management of Conservation Areas

The conservation authorities of National and Provincial parks in South Africa, successfully manage approximately 7 million hectares, therefore providing an enormous resource base of wild animals for redistribution throughout the country.


The sound regulations governing hunting in South Africa protect our clients and ensure high levels of professionalism within the hunting fraternity.

Hunting South Africa

Hunting South Africa is a once in a lifetime experience. South Africa, the rainbow nation, land of many different cultures, colours, biodiversity, and prolific wildlife, is the preferred African destination. Mkhamba Safaris urges you to come hunting in South Africa with us. Enquire Here