Eland (Taurotregus oryx) can be hunted in the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa as well as in the Kalahari. There are hunting packages available from Mkhamba Safaris, which include Eland hunting opportunities. Enquire Now For Your Hunt.


This animal is the biggest of our antelopes in South Africa. They are a dull fawn color, and both the males and females have horns. Those of the males are a lot thicker and heavier and have a spiraled ridge closer to the bases.


Males shoulder height of up to 1.7m and will weigh up to 750 kg (1650lb).


These antelope are found in a wide variety of open grasslands ranging from the Drakensberg mountains to the arid semi desert areas, as well as in various types of woodland.They usually occur in small herds, but have been recorded in big herds at certain times of the year depending on availability of food.

The Hunt

In the mountainous areas these antelope can be glassed (area scanned using binoculars) and then a planned stalk will follow. In the flatter, arid areas most are hunted by finding their tracks and tracked until a shot can be taken.

Minimum Calibre Required

These are large antelope, with very heavy bones and need a heavy bullet to reach the vitals. Some people have boasted to having taken Eland with what I feel are too light a caliber in the 308 range. My feeling is that the bigger calibre the better, so long as you can place your shot accurately. I feel that a 300 win mag using a premium grade bullet of at least 180 gr will do the job.

Minimum Requirements For:

S.C.I. – 77 inchesRoland Ward – 35 inches

Cites Restrictions

There are NO Cites restrictions on the hunting of Eland.