Blue Wildebeest Hunting

Blue Wildebeest hunting with Mkhamba Safaris can take place in the Kalaharior KwaZulu-Natal hunting regions of South Africa. There are hunting packages available from Mkhamba Safaris which include Blue Wildebeest huntingopportunities.


Blue Wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus), also known as Brindled Gnu are some of the bigger animalsthat are hunted. Adult males are a dark grey colour, sometimes appearing to beblack from a distance. Their necks and shoulders have a series of stripesrunning vertically, which gives a brindled appearance, hence their name. Theyhave a long dark mane. Both sexes have horns which sweep outwards, curving downslightly, and then curling upwards. Horns on the males are normally heavier thanthose of the females.


Blue Wildebeest are larger than Black Wildebeest. They have an averageshoulder height of 1.5m, and can weigh up to 250kg.


Blue Wildebeest usually occur in herds of around 30 animals, but have beenrecorded in herds numbering thousands during the migrations, which sadly do notoccur any more in our hunting areas. Blue Wildebeest are associated with openwoodland, where there is water, on which they are dependant. Territorial maleswill defend a territory challenging any males that enter it.Batchelor herds will frequent areas not defended by  territorial male.

The Hunt

Blue Wildebeest hunting is better carried out in the early morning or lateafternoon. A knowledge of their feeding and watering habits is a distinctadvantage. They are renowned for their incredible toughness, and have an abilityto take a lot of punishment without lying down and dying, so good shot placementis crucial with a sufficient size caliber. The males have a hump on top of theirshoulders, which can give a very deceptive picture as to where their vitals are,causing many hunters to shoot too high, and miss the vital target area.Identification of the Blue Wildebeest males can sometimes be difficult, so goodbinoculars are essential.

Minimum Caliber Rifle Required

Blue Wildebeest can take a lot of punishment, therefore in the opinion ofGraeme Geldart, Professional Hunter and Outfitter for Mkhamba Safaris, when hunting Blue Wildebeest bigger isbetter. His personal preference is a 30 06 with good quality bullets, at least180 grain weight. Some hunters have used a 270 win with good results with wellconstructed bullets.

Minimum Requirements for:

S.C.I. - 70 inches

Roland Ward - 28 1/2 inches

Cites Restrictions

There are NO cites restrictions on the hunting of Blue Wildebeest.