Blesbuck (Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi) are a common species of antelope found in the KwaZulu-Natalprovince of South Africa. There are hunting packages available from Mkhamba Safaris which includeopportunities to hunt this animal.


The Blesbuck is a small to medium sized antelope. The upper body is a dark reddish brown witha lighter brown patch on the rump. Both sexes have horns that are heavilyridged. The horns grow upwards, curving outwards and slightly backwards with thetips starting to curve forwards.


Males have an average shoulder height of 95cm an a weight of 70kg.


These antelope occur in herds varying in size, up to 300 animals. They are found inopen grasslands and will seldom be found in sparse woodland. They are veryterritorial animals, and the males will fiercely defend a territory, chasing outany herd males, if a herd invades his territory. Solitary males form bachelorherds, which will stay on the outskirts of breeding herds.

The Hunt

Being a smaller antelope, thy are not so tough, and go down easily, so long as theshot is well placed. The use of binoculars is essential to distinguish the malesfrom the females. There is no best time of the day to hunt these animals as theycan always be found in their home territory. The only successful way to huntthese animals is with the walk and stalk method. In some areas they are drivenon horseback to placed guns at vantage points, but this type of hunting is seenby Mkhamba Safaris as non-ethical hunting.

Minimum Caliber Rifle Required

Due to their preferred habitat, a caliber that shoots flatter isessential. A 270 Caliber rifle is adequate.

Minimum Requirements for:

S.C.I. - 39 inches

Roland Ward - 16 1/2 inches

Cites Restrictions

There are NO cites restrictions on the hunting of Blesbuck.