Big Game Rifle Hunting In South Africa

Big game rifle hunting is offered by Mkhamba Safaris, a South African hunting safari company A more traditional method of hunting, rifle hunting for big game in Africa, allows for fantastic walk and stalk hunting opportunities in South Africa

EXCLUSIVE TO 2017: Get 3 persons to book, pay for and come out to South Africa, to hunt on a minimum 7 day hunting package with Mkhamba Safaris (Our Company), and you will get to hunt Package # 1 ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

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The hunting packages offered by Mkhamba Safaris includes 21 species of big game hunting to complete your African hunting safari experience. Contact Us

The Guns

The guns used for big game hunting in South Africa and the bullet loads vary according to the animal being hunted, and the terrain the hunting will occur in. For more information on the guns used for big game hunting in South Africa   Click Here

The Season

The hunting season in South Africa occurs throughout the year, but is dependant on where the hunt is to be carried out. For more Information on the  hunting season in South Africa, Click Here

Importation of Firearms

When planning your big game hunting trip, remember that any hunter pursuing big game hunting in South Africa must obtain a temporary firearm permit. For more information on obtaining a temporary firearms permit Click Here

Safari Planning

Planning and packing for your big game rifle hunting safari are also part of the trip and should be exciting and NOT a drag. For that reason we have put together a simple list of the BASIC things that you will need to make your safari planning easier. CLICK HERE

The Hunt

Being on foot or crawling through the grass, or battling your way through thorny bushveld, the hunter one on one with his prey, in the heat and the wind, surrounded by the sounds and smells of Africa, trying to stay downwind of the animal, trying to anticipate their moves, outsmart them, all the time getting closer, close enough to take the shot…. This is the hunt. This is what big game rifle hunting is all about.